In need of a patch that says “dance mother fucker” or “what would Bukowski do?” We thought so. Lucky for us, these are actual products. […]
Were you part of in 2012? Then your password is probably in this book. That summer, the social media network was hacked and lost […]
If by “feminine,” you mean loving, sensitive, and beautiful, then yes, Darling is exactly that. Sweet in its treatment and strong in its views, the […]
“Why 5×7 inches? It just seemed like the perfect size.” And it is, for the nifty art books published by Alex Fuller. In as many […]
When did porn adult mags get so smart? Not long after the launch of the savvy woman-made Adult comes TALC—a “new design magazine that celebrates visual culture […]
Becky Crew has two favorite animals: dogs and naked mole rats. “I have so much respect for how weird it’s managed to be,” she says […]
I first heard of WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing in relation to Matt Groening, a.k.a. creator of The Simpsons. WET was a California art magazine […]
Bored of the Internet? Bored of reading? DIS Magazine has your cure. With no editor-in-chief or office, DIS is run by a stealthy staff of […]